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Top 10 Best Android Apps in 2019 | Most Useful Applications

Android is the mainstay of smartphones, and there are numerous Android apps out there that make using smartphone worthwhile. However, Android has been with us for some decades now, and most of us have used and are still using many Android App before now. However, this is 2019, and some Android Apps are not only trending but highly useful and rewarding. We will be reviewing and unveiling the Top 10 Best Android Apps in 2019, and our selection is based on both affordability and functionality. Thus, we were looking at the Most Useful Free Android Apps in 2019. These Apps have become familiar with the Android niche, and they represent an ingenious compromise between affordable accessibility and usefulness. Let’s get down to business!


This application tops our list of the Top 10 Best Android App in 2019. This application allows you to both prepare and read numerous documents in numerous formats. With this application, you could deal with all your PDF e-books, your word, spreadsheet, and presentation documents and edit them as if you are on PC Microsoft Word. It has added features such as auto-save and last memory archiving. This App is a handy free Android App in 2019, and you can download it at Google play store.

2.SWIFTKEY Android app

SWIFTKEY is another excellent App, and thus, it features on our Top 10 Best Android Apps in 2019. This application gives you fast typing on your Android device. Downloaded, used, and trusted by millions of Android device users due to its artificial intelligence edge that allows it to both learn your language and predict your common writing words. In addition to these, it multi-languages features, auto-correct, search engine, theme, and GIF features makes it one of the most useful free Android app out there.


Google Drive is a storage android app. This application gives you unlimited access to cloud storage where your data could never be lost. With Google Drive, you could efficiently manage your files up there—editing, renaming, moving, sharing, and downloading your files. It also allows you to create Google Docs, sheets, and slides for research and online documentation. Overall, with this App, you are free up to 15GB to keep valuable files in indestructible cloud memory for free.


This application is not only one of the top 10 best android app in 2019; it arguably the best note-taking App so far in Android technology. It allows you to make many notes in different formats such as audio, video, photos, and text. It is easy to navigate and use, and it syncs every item of your device system to optimize efficiency. In addition to these, Ever note could be used to plan your schedule and to-do-list amongst other functions. Indeed, this is one of the most useful free android apps in 2019.


Cam Scanner gives you that unique leverage of turning your camera into a scanner for professional purposes where your documents are requested for as scanned items. It uses your camera to take the image of your text, edit-crop it properly and save it as a PDF material for use. Camscanner is one of the most useful android apps in 2019, and it comes fifth in our Top 10 Best Android App in 2019 ranking.


Currently, this App is the best messaging app in your mobile Android device. WhatsApp is everything chatting, and it features well on our list of Top 10 Best Android App in 2019 even though it has been in use before now.

This App is much useful because it allows you to communicate with others beyond letters. With WhatsApp, you could even make calls; send text, videos, contacts, documents, and photos at a low data consumption rate.


Google Chrome is the first browser you would want to use on your android smartphone. Google Chrome allows you to open many tabs at once, search, and translate many languages, quick connections to your favorite sites and desktop-like browsing. It is one of the top 10 best Android Apps in 2019, and it is easy to use and could be customized easily to provide you rewarding and secure browsing experience.


This App has a slogan that further cement her place on the top 10 best android app in 2019—“let’s xender it.” This App allows you to speedily send many and large files at once to even more than one person. It has many connectivity features that will enable you to connect your mobile phone without needing a material wire or cord.


MX Player is a very dynamic video player! It is a video playing Android App that unravels every video format and plays them. However, beyond just playing the videos, MX Player has other features such as subtitle download and editing, screen lock and other versatile plugins that put it on the hall of fame of the Top 10 Best Android App in 2019.


This App is the last but not the list to feature on the Top 10 Best Android App for 2019. It is easy to navigate through and use and has excellent app customization features. It is free on the Google Play Store, and it also comes with many gestures, which makes it an app you must download and use this year.

In conclusion, the number of Apps in Google Play Store keeps growing every day, and in most cases, many apps have similar functions or features. Picking the one out of all could be tiring and confusing. Therefore, in this post, we have selected the top 10 best android apps that you would need for regular use to derive maximum satisfaction for your device. Each of these applications is useful, up to date and currently ranks top in functionality and performance. We are sure that you have found this helpful. However, as technological advancement brings in more surprises, we will always update the standings for you.

Do let us know if you have a favorite app that you would want us to write about in our next post and if you have used any on our list above, in our comment section below.

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