Ayurvedic doctors in Chennai

Best Ayurvedic doctors in Chennai


  • First of all, we feel excited to render a list of almost all the best ayurvedic doctors in chennai.
  • As a result, good health is obtained naturally by the natural and traditional Ayurvedic treatment, Massage therapy, beauty enhanced by Spa and Beauty Centre, and these are integrated by our natural medicine and herbs.

Best ayurvedic doctors in chennai

1)Dr. K. T. Jayakrishnan

One of the best ayurvedic doctors at t nagar
Shanta Ayurveda Hospital – 23 A, North Boag Road, T Nagar, Chennai – 17
  • The best ayurvedic doctor to treat neuromuscular diseases, sinus, neck pain and many more.
  • The Ayurvedic relaxation massage, ayurvedic therapies and ayurvedic consultation are the best services.
  • A holistic, natural and effective ayurvedic treatment is provided.
  • The best treatments for osteoarthritis, psoriasis and allergic dermatitis were also provided in an efficient manner.
  • Seems like to provide suitable treatments due to the diagnosis of almost all the problems.


best doctor with quick heal solutions
Sri Selvam Ayurveda Clinic – 1/505, South Avenue, Muthamil Nagar, Kodungaiyur, Chennai – 118
  • The Ayurvedic treatment heals one’s body through herbal treatments, dietary changes and yogic breathing techniques.
  • Seems like to provide suitable treatments due to the diagnosis of almost all the problems.
  • Furthermore, a simple examination may be conducted to check the ‘levels’ of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the doshas or elementary substances in one’s body.
  • And so based on this examination the best treatment will be provided.
  • In addition, well experienced and proficient in the realm of Ayurveda.


best ayurvedic doctor even to treat critical cases
Arogyaamrutham Vaidya Sala – 19/5, Sarojini street. T.Nagar Chennai -17
  • Consistently, offers special treatments prescribed in the ancient medical classics for almost all diseases.
  • In addition, Abhyanga, Pizhichili, Nasya are some of the best treatments provided.
  • Seems like for arthritis, spondylosis, and various other ailments, the most effective treatment will be provided.
  • And, we seek to explore a tremendous potential of ayurveda and also to cure almost all the modern-age diseases.
  • Every treatment is evaluated on a range of parameters related to the ingredients and also their effect on the human body.

4)Dr. K. Ramesh

Famous ayurvedic doctor
AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Centre – 279, Purasawalkam High Road, Kellys, Chennai – 10
  • Expert in treating neck, back and joint problems by using the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda.
  • An appropriate intervention in the food itself could be adequate to correct the disease if the process is very mild.
  • A Conventional Ayurvedic treatment probably aims at reducing inflammation and associated symptoms like pain, swelling, etc.
  • Finally regarded as one of the best ayurvedic doctors in chennai who provides an effective treatment for a number of conditions.
  • Seems like to provide suitable treatments due to the diagnosis of almost all the problems.

5)Dr. K.S. Manoj

one of the best ayurvedic doctor
The Madras Institute of Ayurveda – Vijaya Health Centre, #175, N.S.K Salai, Vadapalani, Chennai – 26
  • The Authentic Kerala Ayurvedic treatment is available in the heart of Chennai city.
  •  The best treatment is provided for arthritis, paralysis, and various other ailments.
  • An effective treatment is given for almost all conditions rather than the use of conventional medicine.
  • In addition, the best services provided are the Ayurvedic relaxation massage and ayurvedic consultation.
  • The best treatment is provided for any types of health issues.

Why Ayurveda

  1. First of all, the term ‘Ayurveda’ means ‘science of life’. For the past 5000 years, the theories and notions of Ayurveda have been practised. And so, it recommends methods for appropriate living and longevity.
  2. Furthermore, it includes instructions to maintain good health as well as dealing with illness through yoga, treatments, herbal medicines, correct diet and lifestyle changes.
  3. And Ayurveda is the only medicine, which cures all problems without any surgical process and side effects rather than any other medicines.

What we do

  • As a result, AChennai provides a list of almost all the skilled and dedicated ayurvedic doctors who are consistently driven by a passion to bring healing and also works for the well-being to thousands of patients.
  • Since you know ayurveda is not just a medicine to cure diseases, consequently, it also helps to maintain our body, mind and spirit at a constant state.
  • And so we help you with our detailed list of almost all the best ayurvedic doctors in chennai.
  • Offering a state-of-the-art treatment, procedures and surgeries at affordable resources were provided by our experts.
  • Furthermore, our focus is to help you to find a highly motivated and committed team of doctors and therapists ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment and medicinal preparations.
  • And Ayurveda believes in creating a harmony of the human body-mind-soul with the surrounding and nature.
  • Hence, our mission is to offer a range of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support.
  • Therefore, we will help you to find the right doctor who has the expertise to treat your medical condition in just a click!

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