Best Kidney hospitals in Chennai


  • First of all, AChennai helps you to find the right place with the available list of almost all the best kidney hospitals in Chennai.
  • Kidney disease is termed as “silent” disease because it is often unnoticed by many of them as no symptoms appear in the beginning before they get diagnosed.
  • The most important function is removing waste products and balancing fluid levels in the body.

Best kidney hospitals in Chennai

1) Tamil Nadu Urological Research Centre Ltd. ( TNURC- Kidney Stone Clinic )

One of the best kidney hospitals in Chennai
TNURC – 76, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai-29
  • Provides state of the art care for Kidney stone utilizing Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy treatment.
  • Uretero Reno Scopy (URS), allows treatment of stones in the mid and lower parts of the ureter.
  • Retrieves best results for all problems related to the kidney.
  • Strives to provide quality care for patients at an affordable price.
  • Treats everyone with dignity, hospitality and compassion.

2) RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital

Famous hospital for nephrology and urology
RG Stone – 391-92, Anna Salai, Periyapet, West Saidapet, Chennai-15
  • Well exposed to the technique of urinary stone management without surgery.
  • Maintains an international standard of healthcare management.
  • Tend to create better value for customers and offer complete customer satisfaction.
  • Provides a healing environment of care, and employs best practices for patient safety.
  • Equipped with most advanced technology to get recovered at the earliest.

3)Fortis Malar Hospital

Hospital with efficient kidney specialist
Fortis Malar Hospital – 28, 5th Ln, Subba Road Avenue, Royapuram, Chennai-28 
  • Best at delivering the complete spectrum of women’s health-care facilities and services for the different age group of women.
  • Patient-friendly environment and well-trained staff to ensure utmost care for mother and the baby.
  • Comprises of various departments for urology, gynaecology and many more.
  • Special sections are created in order to meet various needs of women’s health care.
  • Provides a healing environment of care with ultimate patient satisfaction, and employing best practices for patient safety.

4) SIMS Hospital

Equipped with advanced technology for kidney treatment
SIMS Hospital – 1, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai(100 Feet Road), Vadapalani, Chennai-26
  • Best at offering comprehensive services for urology and kidney related problems.
  • Efficient and professional urologist focus on the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of urological diseases.
  • The digital cath lab is one of the best in its class capable of performing complex cardiac invasive procedures.
  • Offers comprehensive treatment even more critical diseases.
  • Strives to deliver best solutions for almost all kidney related issues.

5) MIOT International

Hospital with more professional Nephrologists
MIOT – 4/112, Mount Poonamalle High Road, Manapakkam, Chennai-89
  • Very much specialized at Kidney stone removal and intestine management.
  • Probably doctors treat with a vision to deliver increasing value to all stakeholders.
  • Seems like to provide a healing environment for care with ultimate patient satisfaction, and employing best practices for patient safety.
  • Furthermore, renders the best treatment for any types of health issues with all the available advanced medical facilities.
  • As a result, Treatments for all kidney related issues are provided at an affordable price.

Our Potentials

  1. First of all, AChennai provides a multi-channel platform who helps you to find a remedy for all your kidney related problems.
  2. Because we provide viable listings of almost all the best Kidney hospitals in Chennai.
  3. Hence, We help you to make the right choice for your treatment and get benefited.

What we do

  • In Conclusion, we possess a most noteworthy and audience-centric platform where a list of almost all the best kidney hospitals is present and so one can get the desired outcome by all the required needy.
  • Especially relevant functions of kidney include regulating Blood Pressure, production of the hormone ‘erythropoietin’ which controls the making of red blood cells, converting Vitamin D from sunlight for stronger and healthier bones.
  • So, Achennai helps you to find right place by providing the list of best kidney hospitals in Chennai who have expertise in nephrology.
  • Kidney Transplant or Renal Transplant is the transfer of a healthy Kidney from one person into the body of a person who has little or no Kidney function.
  • While the Living Donor Transplants and Deceased Donor Transplants are the major types of kidney transplants.
  • Probably, when both kidneys fail to work they cannot filter the wastes which result in vomiting, nausea, fatigue and also itching leading to complete weakness.
  • Seems like, many advanced diagnostics, comprehensive pre-operative evaluation and also dialysis support, the latest facilities available in surgical procedures.
  • And also a complete post-operative care to minimize chances of infection have been evolved.
  • Furthermore, we offer an effortlessly efficient service and amenities and also a local experience with the assurance of quality.
  • Hence, we offer a range of the best-value products and services along with the dedicated round-the-clock customer support.
  • Therefore, we have created a workplace where opinions are respected, where everyone is invited to contribute to the solution finder.
  • As a result, We ensure you to find a perfect place for almost all your kidney related problems in just a click!

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